Trend Setter: Glacier National Park Sets Another Visitation Record For May 2016

Glacier National Park, one of the country’s representative parks, has reached another record-breaking number of tourists for May 2016. The park opened its doors to 178,218 visitors, which was 32 percent more than its record in May of the previous year.

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2016 marks the centennial year of the United States National Parks Service. The year-long celebration features different programs for its visitors. Because of this milestone, more and more parks are anticipating well-wishers from around the world. The park has seen 2.36 million visitors in the previous year despite the two-week closure of Going-to-the-Sun Road due to an active fire.

The park usually gets the most visitors in summer, in the months of July and August. During peak season, visitors are advised to reserve their activity and lodging ahead of time. Visitors are also encouraged to use free park shuttles, which will be operational on July 1, to avoid road congestion.

Many visitors enter through the entrance at West Glacier. While the GTSR is open for vehicles, some roads can only be reached by foot or bicycle. The Big Drift area is also not recommended for travelers at this time.

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Dywer and Associates believe that the greater human community must put in a conscious effort in restoring and preserving the planet. The institution supports initiatives that promote and protect natural sites, like the U.S. National Parks. Learn more by visiting this page.


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