Top reasons to protect Biscayne National Park

One of the most popular places in Miami, Florida, is Biscayne National Park. Its area of close to 70,000 hectares has become a haven to some of the most beautiful aquatic plants and animals in the state. Not too many places in the United States would qualify as national parks, and Biscayne has a number of reasons to deserve this distinction.

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It has four distinct ecosystems to precede its reputation as a necessary natural habitat for sea life. In all of these, fossilized corals serve as an able reef bed to support a diverse community of about 500 species of fish and several hundred crustaceans.

The Biscayne waters are also known to be a special place for some visiting animals to breed before they proceed to their natural abodes outside of the territory. A particular inhabitant in the area is the manatee, whose appetite for seagrass makes Biscayne its favorite dwelling place.

When people come over to enjoy these natural wonders, they are also treated to one of the most breathtaking hikes, thanks to the length of Elliot Key. They might even opt to take a short stroll on the Jetty Trail, whose fringes are the perfect spot for picnics by the water.

With the park’s rustic air, many surprises are sure to keep coming. The area is also frequented by many of the most colorful birds and butterflies known to man.

It is only through a most memorable visit that one might appreciate why Biscayne has become a well-protected national park. Its entirety is a strong reminder that humans are not the only ones who have a right to live here on this planet.

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