The U.S. National Park Service Offers Free Entrance On Chosen Holidays

Avid travelers looking for beautiful nature sights without having to spend a lot of money will surely enjoy the National Parks Service’s free entry offerings in 2017.

yellowstone_grand_canyon_of_yellowstoneImage source:

The U.S. National Parks Service celebrated its centennial year in 2016 with 16 free entry days. And to commemorate its 101st year in 2017, all National Parks will offer 10 free entry days.

Entrance fees to U.S. National Parks range from $3 to $30. But for the free days, anyone can enter without having to reach for their wallets. However, the free pass will only cover the entrance and not the user fees. Those who would like to go on special tours, camping, and other activities will still be asked to pay a fee.

yosemite-eImage source:

Entrance is free on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (16 January), Presidents’ Day (20 February), National Park Service Birthday (25 August), National Public Lands Day (30 September), and Veterans’ Day Weekend (11-12 November). The National Parks Services will also host two National Park Week weekends on 15-16 and 22-23 April 2017.

For those who have other plans for the free dates, the NPS offers an annual pass that allows unlimited entrance to federal recreation areas for just $80. Military members, PWDs, and senior citizens can get the annual pass at a discounted rate.

Dwyer and Associates encourages locals and foreign tourists to explore beautiful sights in the United States. Visit this blog to learn more about the different US National Parks.


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